Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visiting fellow brothers and sisters

One of the things that we wanted to do on this trip to Taiwan is to meet with at least one missionary group and God allowed us to reach Rev. Chau Chan (Sunny) in Chung Li and his church is known as Hakka Chong-Zhen Churches of Taiwan. He and his wife were from Hong Kong and were called by God to evangelize to the Hakka people and have been living in Taiwan for 20+ years and planted many churches and gospel centers. He picked us up at the train station and brought us to his church where we also met with Barbara, Shi-mu. We listened to their wonderful adventure with God and the many miracles they experienced because of their obedience to God. The exchange of stories continued through a delicious lunch after which Pastor took us to another building where they have Sunday worship and how God prepared for them special rooms for adult, youth and children groups. The location is also situated in the central area, close to schools of different ages, ideal for evangelism. Again, we witness how God provide resources for His servants and maids who have desire to follow Him and to serve His people. Time went by too quickly and we had to leave for another appointment  - visiting a sister in Christ at 3pm.

Sister Wei-na Wong was living in USA before accompanying her oldest son, Jerry going through university studies. We met at our church – Home of Christ in Cupertino while fellowshipping at Gordon’s house in San Jose area. Later on, Wei-na returned back to Taipei and worked for Good TV. Recently, at prayer meeting at HOC 5, we met her son Jerry and knew she recently was diagnosed with cancer and had received surgery and is still going through treatment first with chemo and then will be followed with radiation treatment.
We called her a couple days after our arrival in Taiwan asking when would be a good time to visit her. Wei-na promptly informed us of the time she could see us and asked us to call her after we arrived at the MRT station close to her home. However, when we did call her to get further direction to get to her place, we were shocked to hear that she would personally come to pick us up in her car. We had a nice visit with her, and meeting her husband for the first time. She even prepared some fruit and refreshment for us and gave us in detail of the discovery of her illness with absolutely no hint whatsoever. However, she took everything well and had a very cheerful heart to encounter the challenges, we are most positive that her upbeat attitude and her faith in God will be the best medicine for her. We thank God for who she is and what an inspiration for many others who are physically ill.  Would you believe after our brief visit, she even insisted driving us “Home” to where we were staying, and that is 20 minute driving each way in the traffic hour! We could not talk her out of it, and really appreciate the extra time with her knowing what a great soldier she is for Christ and a prayer partner for us in Christ.

Before we left USA, we heard Coral Shih’s second brother. Steve Lin just found out his left kidney may be cancerous. Steve was a non-believer and also a marathon runner. He always takes pride in his physical health thinking he did everything possible to ensure of his fit condition for sports. Therefore when he found out suddenly he had cancer, he was in shock. However, due to Coral’s connection and therefore many Christians’ urgent prayers, Steve was personally touched by God and was willing to accept Jesus as his Savior. On 8/25/2013 Steve and his wife were baptized and become our brother and sister in Christ. And on 8/28 he received a long surgery at Tai Da Hospital.
Steve’s younger brother, San Chi (Samuel) is a director at a hospital in Taipei suburb and Coral introduced him to give us a complete physical check-up 2 years ago when we could not afford such service in USA when the medical insurance became unaffordable for us.  We did not know Steve personally, but with our relationship with Coral and San Chi, it is the least we need to do i.e. to visit him at the hospital and to really pray for him to strengthen his faith in God and ask God for his speedy recovery in spite of his rather serious diagnosis.

When we visited him in the hospital on 9/4, Steve was in a great deal of pain and definitely could not be released to go home the next day. The doctors needed to observe him for a few more days for they did not know for sure what other problems may be bothering him. We really prayed for God’s mercy and grace be upon him since he is such a young believer and barely out of shock that he has cancer. We assured him that God loves him and Jesus died for him, therefore whatever happened to him, God allowed it. He must believe it is best for him and may be God’s way to bring Steve back to Himself.

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