Friday, September 27, 2013

New Team Member- Praise the Lord

Ever since we return to Kyrgyzstan this time, we know we are under time crunch, there are just too many things that we need to remember to do - so much so it is so easy to forget a few things each day. However, we know absolutely UNLESS every morning that we come to God through devotion, to draw wisdom and strength, we cannot survive each day, and never mind about having victory over obstacles.
After devotion this morning, we went different ways. Lydia and Sophia went to Bishkek. Lydia needed to be contacting different things with Education area while Sophia needed to extend our visa. We had to pay for 1 month business visa at the airport so Sophia can apply for another 3 months or more of visa before we leave KG via Taiwan to go back to USA. As USA and 40 other countries’ citizens, we can come into the country without visa for up to 60 days. But, since we needed to be here for 3+ months, we lost that advantage and needed to pay. In this country, one needs to go with the set rules which are not to be reasoned or changed, just need to go along with it!
In the late afternoon, Sophia informed us that she needed to go back again on the following Monday to show the foreign affairs department our charter before she could even process our visa. Such is life in KG – lots of time spent in lines till you can talk to the officials to find out what would be needed. Such information cannot be made known before hand or because it is brand new requirement not available  on internet yet.
S whom we met during Kairos Class (simplified Prospective Class for missionaries) visited us at our house around 9:30am. She is from Kara-Kol which is situated at the other end of Lake Issyk-Kul. She taught for many years at the University of Kara-Kol and she also disciples some Kyrgyzs. She is facing some changes in her ministry and is in search of her next step. We praise God for putting us here for her for we just went through similar situation last year. He allows us to  identify how she feels and may be God wants to use us to get her through this with special benefit from Him.
R and Y arrived also in the afternoon around 3:00pm bringing Judith, who went to visit the orphanage at Kara Balta. S, R and Y are all from Singapore and are old friends from years ago, therefore have lots in common. This is also the first time we connect since we return to KG. So, we did have a great deal to catch up, but R needed to attend a meeting, so we excused him! Nevertheless, R came back in 2 hours and John took him alone to see our construction since the other had already visited the site at 3. Even though we asked R and Y stay for dinner and may be even overnight, they had to rush back to Kara-Balta, 2 ½ hours away by driving, for they received a phone call from the orphanage that one of their boys, 16 year old was beaten by other kids outside the orphanage. Even though they were told that it was not serious, but they felt responsible and needed to check it out for themselves. So they left around 6 in the evening.
It was Friday, T and J were doing some whole day training in Bishkek and planned to come over to Tokmok in the evening. However, they were not sure if their accommodation provided by IUCA would include dinner or not. At around eight, they called us to inform us of their arrival. As soon as we found out that they had not eaten and none was prepared for them, we asked them to come over to our house, for we had plenty to feed them and love to have their company.

Praise God for a very busy full day with so many different brothers and sisters, but the most wonderful thing was that it was so obvious that everyone was focusing on things above -  the Kingdom work and how to serve God and His people.

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