Thursday, September 12, 2013

God's amazing provision

8/29, we had a wonderful breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Yen and their friend who stays at the same apartment complex and also taught Mrs. Yen 讚美操.
We left around 10:30 to move to Fiona’s place.  Who is Fiona? She is indeed God-sent!
From the past 3 years, Max, John’s ex-colleague and Jean, his wife have always taken us into their house in Xin-Dian and given VIP treatment. However, due to different reasons, we have not been able to stay with them for the last few times when we were passing by Taiwan. May be God thought they pampered us too much that we may no longer be fit to remain as missionaries and we might depend on them more than we should.
Early last year, due to the roadblock and trees falling damaging to the water supply to their house they could not take us in upon or arrival. We ended staying in a hotel in Taipei that they arranged for us for a few days while their road and house were being repaired.  Again in late Sept., early Oct. we passed by Taiwan to go to Kyrgyzstan, and they just returned from a trip to the Philippines, Jean came down with 登革熱 which was contagious. Jack helped us getting hotel accommodation at a substantial discount at a nearby resort. Well, that was a very nice treat and greatly needed in the midst of our dilemma searching for God’s will as regarding our future direction, Looking back, everything that happened has God’s good intention embedded in it and He meant well, even though at the time, it seemed to be a misfortune or setback. We are now totally convinced that His way is higher than our way and His thoughts are not ours and are far, … far better than ours. We just need to trust Him totally.
Back to Fiona, at the end of last year, she made a wish to God that since she has 4 bedrooms in her house she wants to dedicate at least 1 room for the use of God’s servant/maid/missionary who needs a place to use while they are passing by Taiwan for God’s business. She happened to run into Zi Mei Jie just a week ago in an elevator after meeting each other 8 years ago. She shared her thought with Zi Mei Jie who just emailed us that information along with others, not knowing we needed a place to stay. But of course, God knows all things and He is absolutely behind all these! Fiona and us contacted and we even cancelled the other hotel booking which is not as convenient and would have cost us at least US$65/day.

Fiona took us to lunch and showed us around so we can get a bit familiar with the neighborhood. We were glad that we could visit Elder Bai Pei Ying on Thur. 3 pm and updated him of our new direction and new ministry and received his approval and blessings. Also we found out how our two students are doing at Chung Yuan University – Mahabat and Ledjer, and the university itself. We are really encouraged how God bless His work and His own people.

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