Thursday, September 12, 2013

God is so wonderful

 08/30/2013 we were connected just by the unexpected ways with three groups of people, not by our own design.
1.    Meet with Chiou Jie, office manager in Taipei of Care Ministry International recommended by Rev. Morley Lee. We spent at least 2 hours with her introducing ourselves and also getting to know about her and their ministry.
2.    Have not planned to meet with Willis Han and Jocelyn and did not even have their contact number, but through divine connection, we met for lunch and visited their new Interserve Office in Far East Broadcast Bldg. We made a special short trip to visit the sister who connected us with Willis and who also happened to attend the same praise dance/exercise as Mrs. Yen whose apartment we were staying for the first 2 nights in Taiwan. What a small world in God’s Kingdom and how He links His children together for His own purpose. It was wonderful to catch up and if God is willing we may link up in some way and tap into Network with like mind.
3.    Fiona linked us up with the Director of their Mission & Church Planting Division, Rev. Ling-nam Leo Ip, we also met his wife, Pastor Theresa Lo. They are also very much into family Education and can help us with parenting classes for our kindergarten that we are in great need of.

Jack picked us up at 9:15 to meet with President of HTC foundation in Tao Yuan – Mr. Cho. We had a very pleasant meeting with Mr. Cho and he was very encouraging of our new ministry. We talked about character building at the kindergarten for the very young and we also plan to teach parenting classes to the parents inviting them to be involved with the growth and development of their children. Mr. Cho seemed to approve of our work and we pray that he would be helpful when we do approach him for support in the future.
After lunch, Jack took us to see the art exhibition at HTC reception Hall and we met the artists as well as the collectors who bought his pictures in Xin Dian at a substantial price. This is our first time meeting with Christian artists openly willing to proclaim their identity as Christians and doing exhibition as Christians.
We made back in time in the evening to attend the fellowship at Fiona’s house and were given the chance to share with them our vision and mission. God was with us and gave us the words to touch the ladies. We were with them for three hours and they loved what we were sharing and asked if we were able to continue the following Saturday. Again we met with a sister who knew our good friends Moling Yeh
and her husband from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They met close to 20 years ago. God is so amazing for linking us up. We praise Him.

The Artist Tzu-Chi Yeh is 2nd from the left. Jack is 1st from the right.

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