Wednesday, September 18, 2013

God brings people together

We arranged with Mr. and Mrs. Yen to meet at 信友堂 for Sunday Service. We were hoping to meet with their son, a doctor who just recently returned to Taipei to continue his service as a doctor. However, because he has to work that day at the hospital, we did not meet him. We have heard about Xin You Tang before knowing it is one of older and well known church and we really like to get to know Taipei better especially about the different churches.
That day the sermon was given Rev. Chen Ji Ming, an earlier president of Hwa Shen Seminary, delivering powerful word of God for His people. At the welcome of visitors, Mr. Yen’s ex-colleague Mr. Hu came to greet him and it was wonderful to see two ambassadors of Taiwan catching up with each other even they are almost 20 years apart. We all ended having lunch together in a nearby quiet restaurant in spite of pouring rain during the day. It was such a treat to be listeners of how the diplomats talked about where they had been and what they had done when neither of us knows too much about politics. God revealed to us that there are good politicians who care about the people of their country mainly because they are His children and therefore good citizens and stewards of His kingdom.
We visited #4 uncle and aunt the second time and this time, also cousin Dorothy. Praise God that uncle was somewhat alert and he not only recognized us and held our hands tightly, he called my name (nick name) loudly and clearly to everyone’s surprise. It was such pleasant surprise and relief to aunt that she agreed to go out to dinner with Dorothy and us, even though she has not left the house for weeks, being sorry with uncle’s health. What a gift from God to us!

We were surprised to contact Rev. Siau Wen Khe whom we were introduced to before we left for Kyrgyzstan as missionaries. We were told that we must get to know this couple – Rev, & Shimu if we wanted to become missionaries. We followed the advice and got to know them before we left in 2005. However, we did not follow up with them again until late 2011 when we were invited to share at a church in Albany, CA, while Rev. Siau preached that morning for the Sunday service. Ever since then, we tried to keep in touch. Still, we were not sure if they would be in Taiwan. However, when we called, they were happy to see us and we met at their new home in Xin-pu near Ban-qiao. We had a very pleasant time together, counting our blessings and praying God’s leading for all of us and how He may continue to use us and may even use us together in some ways. We also promise to meet again in US at the end of this year or beginning of 2014.
At 3:00pm, we also met with Max and Jean for tea. They have been our hosts for the past 2-3 years that we have been coming to Taiwan for our medical exams and treatments. We are so thankful to them for re-educating us about Taiwan that we can learn how to get around. We had a wonderful time catching up and praise God for His protection over both of our families.
It is another day of doctors’ appointment from noon till 5:30pm. This time we are learning how to take the bus to get to the hospital. We noticed that there were frequent buses heading that direction and of course it is much cheaper than taking taxi and even compared to Mass Rapid Transit. Since we knew our doctors were considered as the top doctors and their time is usually packed and patients ended have to wait to see them. However God showed us special favors and we managed to see them on time and could on time.
We praise God that we were able to attend Ling Liang Tang’s prayer meeting and found out the attendees filled up the hall with more than 200 people. The senior pastor delivered a mini sermon to the congregation to pray for the nation and the world. That night we prayed for the marriage system and how it is now impacting the children of the world.

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