Thursday, September 12, 2013

Amazing Days in Taiwan
We Arrived at Tao Yuan Airport at 08/27/2013, 5 am, and checked out 4 large pieces of luggage and 2 small pieces of carry-on. Knowing space is precious in Taiwan and there is no room for our luggage, we right away checked in 3 large pieces at the airport, for temporary storage till we are ready to leave for Urumqi-Bishkek. We planned to stay with Mr. Yen and his wife for 2 days and then with Fiona Chang for the rest of the time in Taiwan (13 days). We have never seen either home and did not even know Fiona prior to meeting her on 8/29 11am for the first time. We are just so grateful to God for their generosity and really appreciated their hospitality recognizing how much they saved us especially when we are in need of start-up funding at this time.
In spite of our hasty arrangement and lack of unclear communication of our arrival time with Mr. and Mrs. Yen so they were uncertain of our arrival time, and when we got to their apartment complex they were away. We managed to leave our luggage with their building office manager. Praise God that we were able to go to 長庚醫院 for a day of check-ups, doctors’ appointment for both Christa and John and even a small procedure for John for his cyst at the back of his neck.  

Most of 8/28 was also spent in the hospital from morning till 4pm, but Jack and Cynthia came to meet with us for a wonderful lunch. We had a precious time to catch up while planning also to meet with some possible people while we are in Taiwan. Around 5 pm, we went to visit 4th Uncle and Aunt and Cousin Martin who was leaving for USA the next day. Uncle was asleep most of time. We went back to Mr. & Mrs. Yen’s place and had a nice chat with them till 10 pm before we fell into deep sleep from two very hectic, and exhaustive days but totally filled with gratitude for God that He arranged such loving people around us affirming His approval of our direction.

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