Saturday, August 9, 2014

Urgent prayer request

Dear all,

We need urgent prayers on the following:
1. Zena, Sophia's backup person is in the hospital - in pain with bladder infection and possibly bladder stone too. Not clear what else could be involved. Major setback for our ongoing work. (Please remember the condition of our medical facility).
2. Sophia has a great deal of pressure to handle all these- our ministry and her family needs as well as financial burdens.
3. Our team spirits - new people who are yet to work well with one another and learn to trust each other. Each worker of course has her own set of overwhelming problems at home.
4. License still unsettled but we are going to have the open house on 9/5.
5. Wisdom to handle Emily's visit from HK. Pray that we get along well and her visit is mutually beneficial and not an additional distraction or burden on our already overwhelming time.
6. God's healing, provision and protection during this challenging time.

Love in Him,
Christa & John
Christa Tsai
408-518-2019 (C) USA
996-556-744-286 (C) Kyrgyzstan
skype: christatsai

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