Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 2014 Urgent Prayer Letter of John & Christa

Give Thanks

We praise God that in spite the sudden finding that John is bleeding internallyand he needs a surgery and preferably outside Kyrgyzstan, we were able to:

1. Buy a one-way ticket to Taipei on 6/12 and arrive there within 12 hours.

2. Make reasonable arrangements with our team that all works may proceed as planned without too much delays. This is only possible because even though not all team members are believers but the faith we have in our FATHER is sufficient to carry all, knowing He is always in charge.

3. Christa’s cousin sister in Taiwan made the critical contact to a private hospital - Shu-Tien which is well known for Urology Treatment and we could do registration on Sat. 6/14 on John’s birthday. We got to see the head of the hospital in the morning. After a short chat with him with the result of ultrasound, he made a decision for us that he can operate on John’s very enlarged prostate (180+ cc vs. the 25 cc normal size) Monday morning 6/16/2014). He informed us that the surgery may take up to 3 hours and the proper recovery time should be 1 – 1 ½ months. We asked if it is possible for us to return back to Kyrgyzstan in 2-3 weeks.

4. We are most thankful the Sister Fiona again allows us to stay with her on such a short notice, even though she already has quite a few others sisters in Christ staying with her. Her house is very close to the hospital and has easy access to all things. We praise God for putting angels around us for our need. Indeed He is our provider and His provision is more than we can imagine.

5. We praise God for Taiwan’s medical effective services. Even though the laser surgery is not covered by the insurance (told by the surgeon /president), but we can tell he is touched by what we are doing in Kyrgyzstan. Thank God that He gave us an opportunity to talk about Him during the brief check-up.

Prayer Request:

1. May John’s surgery be straight forward without unnecessary complication.

2. May John’s initial recovery be shorter so we may return to our team in 2-3 weeks and may God heal him and forbid additional bleeding in Kyrgyzstan. May our faith grow by leaps and bounds by this experience.

3. May we still be able to witness for Him in Taiwan for the people He put sin front of us.

4. May God personally oversee all work in our team and put all of staff, students and their parents under His wings.

5. May God bless all our supporters, families and friends for their love and concern for us.

Love in Him,
John & Christa

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