Monday, June 9, 2014

Pray for us

Dear Prayer partners, Families and Friends,

Due to unplanned circumstance we are traveling to Taiwan June 12. I am going there for medical checkup and surgical operation.

Two days ago suddenly I was urinating a lot blood out. There was no symptom of any problem before. Checked with the doctors here and had ultrasound done. They said I have polyps in my bladder and need operation to cut off the polyps in order to stop the bleeding. They recommended me to go to Taiwan for operation because they do not have good equipment here in Kyrgyzstan. They think it is not cancerous. But I need to have thorough check to make sure before operation. Please pray for me. Christa's cousin arranged us to visit 書田診所for check up. We have booked flight to Taiwan on June 12. We give thanks that Fiona will accommodate us in her house that is quite close to the hospital. Pray that everything will go smoothly. 

We only booked one way tickets because not sure how long it will take.

In the meantime there are a lot of issues that need your prayers.
A. We still have not gotten our kindergarten license yet. We were told that we should get it soon. In Kyrgyzstan we can never be sure how things work. Something look simple may take months to complete. We can just patiently wait.
B. We still need more teachers for the kindergarten. They also need training for the Montessori method and will not disrupt our current teachers' teaching.
C. Shirley, our trainer is back in Singapore for the funeral of her mother. Pray for her.
D. Jenny, a trainer from Singapore plans to come, but we will  be in Taiwan. Pray that God will lead to make the right decision and timing.
E. I am attached the pictures of our workers and the eight lovely children. The workers are John, Christa, Sophia (Administrator), Anna (Translator), Kasbek (Building manager),, Shirley (Trainer), Gulmira (Cook), Eleaner (Music teacher), Nurzada (Teacher), Sanura (Teacher). The children are Amil, Aiya, Timur, Lika, Ruffa, Nika, Samat and Islam. May we have opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

In God we pray.

John and Christa

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