Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Urgent Prayer Request

Dear all,

John and I have to confess that we are so tired and physically weak. Please do pray for us to lift us up. We know that God is there for us, but the endless issues (both things and people relationships)  are just weighing us down. 

We gave thanks for what has been accomlished, but the fact the we have not got the license is affecting the staff. We already lost one translator because of her physical condition and now we are about the lose the second one because she needs to make more money and also want to go for advanced study. We may also lose the cook (who has worked with us since March) also because of financial issue - need more money. Our administrator who is only 35 years old but have to handle all these people issues but she is at the edge of burnt-out. 

We desperately need God's mighty hand be upon all of us to deal with the challenges we are facing. It is hard to maintain unity when we are so into our individual problems. Everyone feels that they are hurting and no one understand and need to be understood though each one has no time to listen to others.Do help us with prayers so God heals us and correct our wrong notions. Or else before we get the license, we may lose all the staff who are somewhat trained. If we are not licensed soon they will leave us for other jobs so they have an official records for their work experience, which is crucial for their career. Their work book records is crucial for their pension.

All people are already expecting this coming winter will be even harder than the previous because of the energy shortage caused by water shortage which will also affect the generation of electricity. Our natural gas supply is supplied by neighboring country - Uzbekistan, who recently cut her supply in July due to political reasons. Such lack of stabilit yand failure to meet the basic needs really creates panic among the poor people who have every year need to fight against the rising of prices which really hurts the families.

We can't blame the people who want to make more money to support their family, but all these sure make our work almost humanly impossible. Pray that we are wise enough to draw strength from our God and not give up. How often I really think about quitting and I beg for God's forgiveness for being such a person of "little faith"!

May God grant us additional wisdom, mercy and greater faith in Him. 

Love in Him,
Christa & John
Christa Tsai
408-518-2019 (C) USA
996-556-744-286 (C) Kyrgyzstan
skype: christatsai

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