Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 2014 Prayer Request from John & Christa Tsai

Dear Prayer Partners,
We want to thank God for He was faithful and looked out for us in spite of the numerous difficult problems we had to face. Not all the problems were resolved and the numbers were actually increased. However, we have peace for we know God is with us. 
For the last two weeks we were busily advertising for appropriate teachers, cook, cleaners, and translator etc.. We are spending a great deal of time to arrange for interviews and to sit down with applicants to check out for their qualification. We are sad to say not too many people from Tokmok can meet the requirements. Do pray that God brings the right people to us and bless them with wisdom, love and patience for the new students age 3-4.
We decided to go for the licensing of the Children Development Center and asked Jarkyn to help us with the application with the Ministry of Education. This involves at least 5 major departments at City of Tokmok to check out our facility to ensure the school will provide the safety for the children. The departments are Sanitation, Fire Department, Land Registration, Police Department and Social Department. This is a very lengthy process, but a very necessary step. Pray for God's guidance for us.
We still need a gas hook-up so we can get gas supply for cooking and heating necessary for the provision of hot food for the children.
We also need to rebuild the furnace for heating of the building. The furnace did not pass the inspection and unless corrected cannot receive the approval and signing of from the Fire Department.
The weather is getting a bit warmer and we still have playground to be completed, and landscape to be done.  Until all the jobs are finished, we cannot bring the children for it is not safe if there is still work progress. So, we only have a target date of 3/17 to start the training of potential teachers, assistant teachers and translator. On 3/24 we also need to bring in the cook and the cleaner to make sure all utensils and other equipment are bought before the start of the school. We also need to design children menu for the 3 meals we are providing for the children.
Most of our staff is not doing well physically with all these ongoing problems. Please pray for us that God grant us strength and power to do what is necessary during this time to get the license and to be able to open in April.
We also pray that we can do the garbage management project near our children center.
Just want to thank you for your continual support to lift us up during this challenging time. Do pray for all our health!
As far as our house, there are still many things that need to be repaired and replaced but we deal with those problems later.
Love in Him,
Christa & John

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