Thursday, October 31, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request

We are behind schedule and everything may delay for a few weeks. We should not complain that it is the case, after all our house of similar design took more than 2 1/2 years to complete 4 years ago and has cost more money too.

Keep on praying for us that God will take charge of this project for it is indeed His ministry. We do have some problem with the funding but we do believe our Lord is the Lord that provides.

The following is our prayer request:

1. Pray for the weather for the construction. The winter came early and we actually had some snow. The delay of construction prevent the moving and new building furniture which was stored in our garage. The block our access to the control of the central heating, therefore we are without the heating that is necessary. Pray that God keep us healthy and we may turn on the heat in the near future.

2. Pray for our extension for visa which has been delay several time and the foreign affairs department seems to have problem handling all the request in a timely manner.

3. Sophia's foot surgery took more than 1 week and she also needs time to recover. Without her, it is very difficult for us to function.

4. Pray for Irma that his health has not been good since we returned and his wife does not feel comfortable staying in Kyrgyzstan.

5. Pray for Shirley who has agreed to help us with the training center, but she has sleep problem for more than 1 month now. She has not been able to sleep over night.

You can see we are facing with many challenges, stresses and mostly spiritual warfare, but with sincere and urgent prayers, we know Jesus will carry us through. We need your help!

Love in Him,
Christa & John

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  1. Dear John and Christa, May the Lord remove every obstacle in a timely fashion to assure you that He is in charge. And if there are delays, may it not be according to His Time Table for He is purposeful in all things, even with what seems to us the most untimely and inconvenient hindrances. But we ask indeed that the weather will not get in the way of the construction, the bureaucratic red tape be cut short, and health be given to you with quick recovery for Sophia. And may the Boss bring the needed team for you soon! Agnes, for K too