Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Glorious Day

A Glorious Day - Fundraising Lunch Event
Fundraising Lunch Event (8/24/2013) was a success in so many ways and it was made possible because of God’s presence. He touched many brothers and sisters in Christ willing to be involved in this new ministry in Kyrgyzstan (His Work, of course).  Our hearts were so filled with joy and gratitude when people were coming in and filling up the tables. We were smiling through tears for being so loved.
Our God is just so good! When we were hesitant if we could even have 10 tables of attendees in such a short notice - when schools are starting, many people we know  are travelling, and so many other events are happening on the same date, but He gave us 17 tables at the very end. These people were from different churches but with one purpose to glorify His name, enjoy the fellowship in Christ and to serve God and men with one heart.
Everything was wonderful - a hearty worship with hymns, thanksgiving prayer for good food to keep us fit to serve God, Cello performance by a talented 13 year old young man – Joshua, a short sharing of why we are starting the kindergarten project by John & Christa and of course an excellent result of the fundraising of almost $40,000 during this time, far more than we can hope for or even imagine. It could not be any better and we just want to bow down before Him for His abundant provision and blessing.
Thank you all, we love you so much! Even though we cannot thank each one of you personally, but you know who you are and God does too! We trust that He will bless all of us!
We are sure there will be more help coming as we are speaking, but we are leaving our wonderful Bay Area Support Team to take care of finance, for we are flying out of USA to Taiwan. We also thank God that Typhoon has just left Taiwan for we may land smoothly in Taiwan.

Through this BLOG, we will keep you posted of our journey with God. Again thank you for being our partners and remember that it is your support that makes everything possible.

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